I Love trim shopping…in my favorite “go to” trim stores as well as estate sales….Here are some trim shopping design tips that I follow….

trimsYou don’t have to know exactly how you are going to use the component for the minute you purchase it…If it fits into your overall design style..buy it! 

Here are some parameters that I follow whenever I am shopping and adding to my trim and supply inventory.

  • When you find something you love, ask yourself if It falls into your general style, colorway, and brand.
  • Keep your colorways tight….try to get to know yourself early on and buy things that fall into your general color category.  This “lilac” was a little bit of a reach for me…but it was just the right shade…it wasn’t vibrant purple..I know myself well…I’m not a primary color girl. I always lean toward faded, icy tones and this shade fit the bill. (I later matched it with a silk scarf piece I made over a year ago that was just waiting for the right partner…)
  • Don’t over-buy. If you don’t trust yourself or find that in the past you bought too much at once, were sitting on too much inventory etc…then give yourself a budget  and allow yourself to go back as needed…
  • If your favorite supplier is having a sale…stock up! One time I got beaded trim in every color I needed for like 70% off. It was the deal of the century and Im still using (and loving the beading today!!) Everyone knows how expensive beaded running yardage can be.
  • Search for the RIGHT trim… Be willing to shelf a design when its not turning out right. I had no idea how this scarf would turn out when I started knitting it…It stayed on my shelf for a year before I found the right silk ruffle pair for it
  • Trust your color sense, This helps you to match things from seasons pas. This goes back to my earlier tip…stick to your color story…that way all of your inventory (for the most part)  in one way or another will always co-ordinate…(which ultimately makes designing easier!!) Like pieces of a puzzle that eventually come together, its exciting when you are able to fit two components together to make the perfect creation! When you have an overall style year after year, it makes for less waste, and finding the perfect trim in your archives!
  • Make a shopping trip a tradition…Every year I go to NYC around the holidays and visit my favorite 3 trim shops…I know I’m going to spend a bunch of money and its OK!!! Because I only go there once a year! Its super fun and one of my longheld design traditions.
  • Keep your trim organized. Prices and style numbers are im-por-tante! Don’t just rush home and start cutting…make sure you know the price for costing and re-order purposes…!
  • Never use a personal credit card for business purchases! Keep your business purchases linked to your business account! Make sure to bring the right credit card when hunting for business treasures! and get miles!

xox Happy Shopping!