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Celebrities, socialites and critics across the globe have lavished praise on the unique and inspirational designs of Laura Madrigano. Laura’s collection began as a quiet success in the heart of New York City and soon spread across the nation, spurred by features in high-profile fashion, style and celebrity magazines such as: In Style, Oprah, Harper’s Bazaar, Country Home, Accessories Magazine, and many more. Her handbags and accessories have adorned celebrities such as Sarah Jessica Parker, Goldie Hawn, Jessica Simpson, Martha Stewart, Kate Winslet, Jennifer Aniston, Courtney Cox, Lela Roshon, Liv Tyler, Mary Hart and Ashleigh Banfield.

Press Inquiries: For interviews or if you are an editor or stylist and would like to have jpegs of the latest items emailed to you, or if would like to request samples, please email your magazine name, email address, and other info to Lmadrigano@aol.com










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