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circle (2)After Running my own manufacturing business in the heart of NYC for over 14 years…I have a learned a thing or two about how to run a business. If you are the Creative Director of your company like I was, chances are operations, sales, manufacturing, production, bills, accounting, shipping, social networking, and email marketing may not “all” be your cup of tea.

Further, if you haven’t “cleaned up” some of your personal beliefs about money, abundance, visibility, and clarity, you may be feeling depleted, imbalanced. overworked, and not earning the money you dream of.

I help Creative Leaders Feed their SOUL and GROW their Business.

If you are on the cusp of success, I can help you cross the threshold…Learn more about my consulting and coaching services below. xo

Behind the Scenes Coaching

I help Creative Leaders with all the behind the scenes work that goes into building a life and business you LOVE. If my philosophy of feed your SOUL, GROW your business intrigues you, please feel free to set up a FREE call with me to talk about your goals, challenges and where you need support. xo

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Spiritual tools like a creating a Brand Vision book and developing an Intuitive Listening Practice like Journaling, are some of the key ways to elevate your business. I help women layer in powerful and easy to use spiritual laws and tools into their existing business model to make noticeable improvements in their business growth and income. Your Soul + your Business are connected, I empower women to integrate that connection!

A Creative Director hold the VISION for her company. I help women CREATE, STREAMLINE and ELEVATE their VISION. I inspire creative entrepreneurs to refine their business, and practice what’s essential. I help women design and define their PRESENCE.  Are you radiating your brand Vision and working on your most elevated level?

Motherhood, self-care, eating healthy, relationships, managing the house and more can become overwhelming and depleting…especially when you want to work on your business.  I help women move things around, layer in routines, and re-design their days to create room to Self-NOURISH….the magical foundation of managing it all. When you are nourished everything grows!

How can I help you?

Are you ready to turn your dreams into reality? Tired of waiting, wanting, and wondering…

I coach, support and empower you with tools to launch you into your future. If you feel stuck, we will get to the root of it. If you feel burnout and depleted, we will connect you with your intuition and nourishment needs. If you want to earn more money, we will create clear, goals that are aligned with your heart, and insured by spiritual laws for success.

Together we will create your plan and your vision to help you nourish your soul and grow your business.

Click here to set up a call with me to go over your needs, dreams and the plan that we will design just for you!

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I cannot wait to help you streamline and grow

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