the process of designing

As I reflect back on my years of being a designer…one thing I want to share is the importance to create space for the “process of designing”.

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Ruffle Jersey Scarves

  Adding scarves to my collection was the best thing I ever did. These side ruffle scarves are always a conversation piece…stay tuned for new versions ans colors every... read more

Sleek Velvet Clutch

Classics never go out of style…. Pretty and sleek grey clutch. Signature statement flower detail set to one side. Top zipper. Lined in pink ultrasuede. Fit all your essentials in this lightweight clutch that will match anything! Wear dressy to a formal affair or... read more

Statement Scarves

Statement Scarves are shawls or scarves that create a conversation, initiate a compliment and make a wow statement when you enter a room. The difference between a statement piece and an ordinary piece is that a statement piece is… understated yet chic stylish... read more

Trim Shopping

I Love trim shopping…in my favorite “go to” trim stores as well as estate sales….Here are some trim shopping design tips that I follow…. You don’t have to know exactly how you are going to use the component for the minute you purchase it…If it fits into your overall... read more

Vintage Clutch

I can’t resist a vintage clutch. It’s my canvas to add my signature hand rolled flowers and vintage velvet leaves. I am always imagining the perfect dress to pair it with. This one…maybe for a prom, or a luncheon, with a vintage printed... read more

Little Pleated Bag…from inside the Vintage Closet

I found this perfect little pleated vintage purse at an estate sale in New Jersey. Its always exciting and slightly peculiar to go inside the home of someone you never met, and have access to their bedrooms, their closets, and their drawers. I feel sad sometimes when... read more