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About the Laura Jean Couture Collection

Most of you know me from my years as a Creative Director and Fashion Designer in the heart of New York City where I ran my fashion manufacturing company called Laura Madrigano Inc.  I designed suits, dresses and accessories and sold them all over the world. In the height of my career, I shipped over 15 million dollars per year from the Laura Madrigano Brand.

NYC girl falls in love with a farmer and so the story goes….2 beautiful babies later, along with a career as a Spiritual Life + Business Coach and I still design in my sleep. Your skill set never goes away, and my passion to create has lead me to another new adventure…and possibly my favorite collection ever, called “Laura Jean Couture”.

LJC is my much more intimate collection of one of a kind statement pieces that I design and hand sew out of my design studio where I reside in NJ, USA.

This one of a kind collection has my same signature style, yet with all the couture elements that I have long dreamed of incorporated into each piece.

The collection emphasizes special times in your life, celebrations, weddings, honeymoon, baby, and heirloom vintage recreation pieces along with estate sale treasures.

If you are looking for one of a kind accessories that you are sure no one else will have, Laura Jean Couture offers you the luxury and confidence of knowing that you will be always be the only woman in the room wearing your very own signature piece.

LJC is just as pretty on the inside…just like you!

Thank you for letting me help you radiate your beautiful style, xox Laura-Jean

Behind the Scenes

the process of designing

As I reflect back on my years of being a designer…one thing I want to share is the importance to create space for the “process of designing”.

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Ruffle Jersey Scarves

  Adding scarves to my collection was the best thing I ever did. These side ruffle scarves are always a conversation piece…stay tuned for new versions ans colors every... read more

Sleek Velvet Clutch

Classics never go out of style…. Pretty and sleek grey clutch. Signature statement flower detail set to one side. Top zipper. Lined in pink ultrasuede. Fit all your essentials in this lightweight clutch that will match anything! Wear dressy to a formal affair or... read more

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